Answers to Common Tax Questions

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I need to declare income, what should I do?

Tax Advice Covered: Methods for disclosing undeclared income to HMRC, how to get guaranteed immunity from criminal prosecution, when to appoint a representative, the tax disclosure procedures used by HMRC.

I've received a letter from HMRC but don't understand what it means, can you help?

Tax Advice Covered: The most common letters sent by HMRC, what these letters mean for you and what to do if you don’t understand specific details of their contents.

What about the horror stories? Will I lose my house or go to prison?

Tax Advice Covered: How to protect yourself from criminal prosecution, the name of the main procedure used and where to get help.

My actions were deliberate, can you still help me?

Tax Advice Covered: The best course of action in the case of deliberate tax irregularities, how to get immunity from criminal prosecution and the vest method of making a disclosure in the case of deliberate behaviour.

My accountant has made an error, am I still liable?

Tax Advice Covered: Find out if you’re liable, what this means for any penalty levels and what to do if you disagree with HMRC’s decision.

Why has HMRC chosen to investigate me?

Tax Advice Covered: Common reasons why HMRC investigates taxpayers, the different types of investigation and how HMRC chooses taxpayers to investigate.

I don't agree with HMRC, can I challenge their decision?

Tax Advice Covered: How to challenge HMRC, the various HMRC appeal methods and when to use each one.

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