I Don’t Agree With HMRC, Can I Challenge Their Decision?

There are numerous methods of challenging a decision made by HMRC. Some are easy to implement (such as requesting an HMRC independent review) and others require more preparation (such as taking to the matter to the tax tribunal). Remember that HMRC’s decision alone does not need to be the end of the matter, there are many avenues to be explored.

The information below is designed to give a basic overview of the HMRC appeals process for a more in depth information please click here.

HMRC Independent Review

Usually, the first stage in appealing any HMRC decision in the HMRC Independent Review. This is essentially requesting that HMRC takes another look at your case, taking into account any information that may have previously been overlooked. Although this is always the first stage we recommend in any appeal, due to its simplicity and low cost for our clients, it’s rarely successful.

Appeal To First Tier Tax Tribunal

First Tier Tax Tribunal (FTTT) operates completely independently of HMRC. This is where a we have a lot of our success in appealing a HMRC decision and where our expertise becomes invaluable. FTTT has the ability to overturn any decision made by HMRC or to implement an alternative decision.

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