My Actions Were Deliberate, Can You Still Help Me?

Absolutely. In some ways it’s more straight forward. This is because unlike a HMRC initiated tax investigation, where we need to take time to understand HMRC’s interpretation of the situation, we can simply apply to make a voluntary disclosure using the COP9 ‘Contract Disclosure Facility’.

Code of Practice 9 (Contract Disclosure Facility)

A disclosure under COP9 has the benefit of providing immunity from criminal prosecution. Immunity is offered regardless of how large the resulting tax liability may be. A COP9 disclosure can be likened to a ‘plea bargain’, where immunity from criminal prosecution is offered in return for a full and honest disclosure of all deliberate and non-deliberate tax irregularities.

More in depth information on COP9 and the Contract Disclosure Facility can be found by clicking here.

COP9 – Appointing a Representative

The complex nature of the COP9 Contract Disclosure Facility means that it should never be undertaken without appointing an expert representative, such as T M Sterling. For a free consultation, to talk through your various options, please call us today. Alternatively, please submit your details using the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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