Why Has HMRC Chosen To Investigate Me?

The information below is designed to give a brief overview of HMRC Tax Investigations. for more detailed guidance, please click here to read more.

HMRC Investigations

HMRC Tax Investigations are made when HMRC feel that there may be tax irregularities. These irregularities might arise from either deliberate or not deliberate behaviour, or both. HMRC will check that the records and documents held within the business are in-keeping with the level of income declared to HMRC.

Why HMRC Has Chosen You

Although it’s true that HMRC conduct random enquiries from time to time, more often than not there will be a specific reason why they have chosen to investigate someone. There are many indivdual reasons. One example is that your business has declared profits at a percentage of turnover that is unusually low for your industry and therefore may point to concealed profits.

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